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In this photo taken Oct. 5, 2011, Caitlin Cassidy, manager of Harry Buffalo, sits at a table with the Quicken Loans Arena, where the NBA basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers play, in the background, in Cleveland. The league's cancellation of the preseason and the likelihood that regular season games will soon be wiped out is causing collateral economic damage in cities around the league. The loss of games will mean the loss of jobs for cheap air max shoes waitresses, bartenders, hotel workers and others who count on pro basketball's six month season for employment.

CLEVELAND the street from Quicken Loans Arena, a building that rocks and rolls from November until April as home to the Cavaliers, reality is posted on a wall.

Harry Buffalo is one of the downtown restaurants in Cleveland that counts heavily on the beer drinking, burger devouring NBA crowd to keep its doors open. Operations manager John Adams has taped an internet report outside the kitchen for his waitresses, bartenders and cooks to read.

Ushers, security personnel, parking lot attendants, concession workers, restaurant employees and others all stand to have their hours cut or join the country's discount mlb jerseys 14 million unemployed.

"Yeah, financially, I'm worried," said waitress Jeannette Lauersdorf, a single mother of two, who on a quiet Wednesday afternoon is serving six guests at three tables inside Harry Buffalo. On a night the Cavs are playing, the place has a 30 minute wait for a table. "We've got bills to pay."

"Even if there is a season, I think we're going to take a hit," said Caitlin Cassidy, manager at Harry Buffalo. "People love the Cavs, but they love the Cavs more when they're winning. Even last year, people who had season tickets nhl jerseys outlet didn't come all the time. Cleveland fans are a special breed. They come down and watch the Cavs and drink beer and hang out, but it's definitely not been the same without LeBron."

"We have a franchise we feel is locked and loaded to be very competitive for ray ban sunglasses outlet the next four, five, six years barring injuries," said Kevin Kane, president and CEO of the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau. "We've got a product the city's really excited about, the city's engaged with."

"The economic impact would be detrimental," co owner Willie Fisher said. "This location is one of the main reasons we chose this location.".

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